November 5, 2017

About Us

HAKIKI & CHRISTIANO LAW FIRM is a Law Firm which engages in Legal Services in Indonesia. The firm was founded by DIAN HAKIKI NAPITUPULU, S.H., CLA dan YOPPE CHRISTIANO PAKPAHAN, S.H., M.Kn., CLA who is registered as an Advocate of the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) and as a Legal Auditor of the Association of Indonesian Legal Auditors (ASAHI). Dian Hakiki Napitupulu, S.H., CLA is also a registered Intellectual Property Consultant with the Association of Intellectual Property Rights Consultants (AKHKI).

HAKIKI & CHRISTIANO LAW FIRM provides legal services for companies and individuals in litigation or non-litigation cases. HAKIKI & CHRISTIANO LAW FIRM established and ratified before Notary Rita Sari Dewi Latanna, SH, M.Kn and HAKIKI & CHRISTIANO LAW FIRM are law firm which obeys taxation.

HAKIKI & CHRISTIANO LAW FIRM consists of energic young professionals and maintains a balance between professionalism and idealism, upholding the code of ethics advocate, moral values ​​and Human Rights.

HAKIKI & CHRISTIANO LAW FIRM also provides mediation services, moderate dispute settlement and other methods of alternative dispute resolution to achieve the best results for our clients (Non-Litigation), but if it is not possible, we will provide advocacy services through the judicial system (Litigation).